Using an Agent to Find a Rental in Fredericksburg

Real estate agents are an under utilized source of information for current and future renters. Using a real estate agent to find a rental in Fredericksburg might just be the saving grace you are looking for!

While trying to find a rental in Fredericksburg, an agent will:

  • Email you properties that meet your needs
  • Assist you in finding out if the property allows pets, specialty leases, housing vouchers, or other specific needs
  • Clearly outlining the application process
  • Reviewing all application documents and submitting on your behalf
  • Acting as the main point of contact for the future landlord and assisting in scheduling the pre-occupancy walk through and lease signing
  • Most importantly,¬†thoroughly read through the lease and negotiate out any terms that are unfavorable to you as the tenant! The standard Virginia lease is written to protect the landlord – let us help to protect you.
  • And finally, answering any questions along the way!

When you work with one of our agents to find a rental in Fredericksburg, you can expect the following:

  • During our first conversation, we will discuss what you are looking for in a home and set you up to receive automatic alerts on any new listings that match your criteria
  • Anyone in the home over the age of 18 will be expected to submit a copy of their photo ID and income verification in the form of a recent paystub, W-2, recent tax return, letter of employment, etc. – these documents will be required prior to seeing any homes and are required for any application process.
  • To sign a “right to represent” contract that confirms that you are “hiring” our agent to assist you in finding a rental in Fredericksburg, as well as a few other brokerage-required forms.
Our team frequently works with renters who are interested in finding a new rental in Fredericksburg or who are considering better utilizing their monthly housing allowance and gathering information about purchasing their first home.

Frequently Asked Questions

We do this for several reasons. First, it’s a matter of personal security for our agents. It’s important for us to know who we are assisting and it helps us recognize you and put a face to your name. Second, these documents are required for any rental application, so having them up front helps us to help you streamline the application process. And thirdly, it protects the homeowner’s interest to know that the folks touring their home is eligible and verified.

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