Tips for Home Sellers

Most homeowners only work on selling a home once or twice in their lifetime, and it’s easy to forget about all of the intricacies of the process over the years.

Today’s buyers are picky and have more tools in their belt to research sales statistics, sales history, and overall days on the market. Sites like Zillow show prospective buyers exactly how long your home has been for sale, how many price drops have been executed (and when), and how many shoppers have viewed or saved your home. That’s a ton of data!

Top 5 Tips

For homeowners to review when considering selling a home in Fredericksburg or Stafford counties:

  • Price it Right From Day 1

    If priced correctly, you may be selling a home in the first two to three weeks. Take advantage of that sweet spot by pricing the house competitively right out of the gate.

  • Understand "Market Value"

    Your home is only worth as much as a willing and able buyer will pay for it. Pay close attention to the comparable properties our team provides and understand that your tax assessment or automated estimate from a home value site may not correlate with your home’s true market value.

  • Marketing has Changed

    “Curb appeal” now means high resolution professional photos, professional videography, and strong social media advertising. Our team will ensure you have all of the correct marketing tools at your fingertips.

  • Appeal to Lazy Buyers

    Ensure that your home is completely staged, making it easy for buyers to picture themselves in your house. Also, make sure to wrap up that to-do list! New homeonwers don’t want to start their ownership fixing holes and tightening knobs. Make sure your property is truly move-in ready.

Most Importantly

Remember, when it comes to selling your home, your property needs to be viewed as an investment. Try to set emotional attachments to the side while discussing comps, market value, and pricing strategies. One of the biggest mistakes that seller’s can make is allowing emotions to rule the listing price, and listing higher than market value demands.

While your home sits on the market, buyers are watching every move you make. (Remember those research tools we mentioned earlier?) In the meantime, you have to keep your home spotless day in and day out, accept all reasonable showing requests, and assist your agent in fielding questions. The process is exhausting, let’s not drag it out!

Ready to Sell a House?

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