The 4 most important low maintenance home features

The 4 Most Important Low Maintenance Home Features

When potential buyers are touring your home, the last thing they want is to envision spending their next few weekends fixing up their new place. Before you put your house on the market, it’s important to make sure you have plenty of durable features that are built to last. Investing in quality renovations can help you get closer to your ideal selling price. Move these updates to the top of your list to help attract buyers:

Quartz Countertops
If you want the best value for your money, designers will tell you to choose quartz countertops, especially if your kitchen is large with ample counter space. Not only is this material less expensive than granite, but its strength will stand the test of time. Granite and marble countertops often need to be resealed, while quartz doesn’t require any routine maintenance.

Metal Roofing
While the cost of a metal roof may be higher than traditional shingles, the advantages may make it a worthwhile investment. A metal roof often makes your home safer in harsh weather and can dramatically decrease your energy bills. Because of its reflecting properties, metal helps to reduce heat buildup in attics and rooms on the top floor.

Low-Maintenance Plants
Don’t forget to focus on upgrading the outside of your home as well. Curb appeal helps create a positive first impression from the moment a potential buyer arrives. Low-maintenance perennial plants like black-eyed Susans, sedum and smaller shrubs can be an added bonus for the future homeowner.

Laminate Plank Flooring
Laminate plank flooring gets the nod here for its ease of installation (it’s a good DIY project), relatively modest cost, and easy-peasy maintenance. We like that it can mimic natural stone and exotic hardwoods like koa and rosewood for a fraction of the cost.