Packing Prior to Selling

You’ve cleaned and arranged your home for a visit from the in-laws, and you’ve moved toys out of the way for a dinner party, but getting your house ready for potential buyers is something entirely different.

The goal is to find a balance between packing up all of your stuff and leaving just enough furniture so people can see what living in your home might be like. You want your home to have an inviting, personal touch, but not so personal that people feel like they are intruding on another person’s property.

These 4 tips will help get you there.

Get rid of stuff – One of the biggest perks of moving is that it forces you to finally go through your closets and spare rooms to clear out all things that have accumulated over the past several years. Remember: The less stuff you have, the more appealing your house looks to buyers.

Storage options – You’ve probably heard a lot about curb appeal at this point, which is why you don’t want one of those giant boxed PODs sitting outside of your house. A much better idea is to rent a storage unit for a few months.

What to keep – If there’s one design scheme to have in mind, it’s that of a hotel room. You want your home to be inviting, and what’s more, you want potential buyers to be able to see themselves living here.

Depersonalize your home – Any personal items in your home should be stored away, from family photos to souvenirs and piles of magazines. You want to make it look like anyone can live here.