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Help Your Home Go Green

In celebration of Earth day on April 22, we pulled together some updates that can make your home more green. Even small changes go a long way when it comes to helping out the environment. Keep reading for our best tips.


Thermostats With A Brain

A simple idea: turn off the AC/heat when no one’s home, or lower the temperature whenever people are sleeping. Simple yes, but human nature tends to make us forget even the most simple tasks from time to time.

Enter the smart thermostat! It’s a device that regulates your home’s temperature according to settings you create for certain times of the day. Most smart thermostats you can connect to wireless internet and control from your phone or computer! Added bonus of installing a programmable thermostat is that it’s friendly to your wallet; with it, you’ll save on heating and cooling costs.

Let The Light Shine

All bulbs are not created equal. Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and light-emitting diodes (LEDs) help save energy and have a much longer life span than traditional bulbs. Light a path to decreasing your electricity bills over time by replacing your bulbs with CFLs or LEDs.

Keep It All In

Fix air leaks with weather stripping around your doors and caulk around windows to shave dollars off your utility bills. Preventing cold and warm air from escaping your home helps keep your HVAC system from having to constantly work to maintain a desirable indoor temperature.

Fridge Swap

When a refrigerator, washer or other major appliance dies, consider replacing it with a new one that’s certified by Energy Star. These are appliances that meet a high level of energy efficiency. Also, check with your electricity provider to see if it offers incentives for replacing old appliances with more efficient ones.

Watch Your Water

Install aerators on your faucets and change to low-flow shower heads. Outside your home, choose landscaping that is native to your location, as these plants require less water, fertilizer and pesticides. Additionally, consider washing your clothes in cold water and then air-drying them to help save energy and money.

Harness The Sun

Solar panels, which can convert sunlight into electricity, are becoming increasingly available for residential use. Solar power can be harnessed to create electricity for your home, to heat water and to improve indoor lighting. Teakwood Enterprises, a local specialist in solar energy, hasn’t had to pay an energy bill since 2016 due to their rooftop solar panels!

Call In The Worms 

Food waste in landfills generates methane, a greenhouse gas. Instead of tossing your scraps, dump your food waste in a compost bin or worm bin and cut your carbon footprint

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