June Market Updates

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When you are thinking of buying or selling a home in Frederickburg, VA or the surrounding areas, it’s important for you to have a good grasp on the housing market in your zipcode, or even your subdivision! Every month our Market Stats are updated with the previous month’s information. We provide a select amount of information, however you can download the month’s full report to see all the data available. Additionally, we would love to make personalized reports available to you – if you would like information on your subdivision or zipcode prior to thinking of buying or selling your home, …

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Warren Buffett: There is No Housing Bubble

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With home prices expected to appreciate by over 5% this year, some are beginning to worry about a new housing bubble forming. Warren Buffet addressed this issue last week in an article by Fortune Magazine. He simply explained: “I don’t see a nationwide bubble in real estate right now at all.” Later, when questioned whether real estate and/or mortgaging could present the same challenges for the economy as they did in 2008, Buffet said: “I don’t think we will have a repeat of that.” What factors are driving home prices up in the Fredericksburg VA real estate market? It is …

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Americans Rank Real Estate #1 Long Term Investment

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The Gallup organization recently released a survey in which Americans were asked to rank what they considered to be the “best long term investment.” Real estate ranked number one, with 35% of those surveyed saying it was a better long term investment than stocks & mutual funds, gold, savings accounts or bonds. Here is the breakdown: The survey revealed that real estate was the number one choice among each of the following groups: Men Women People between the ages of 18-29 People between the ages of 30-49 People between the ages of 50-64 People 65 and older People with annual …